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Just from my personal experience... when I've done both strength and endurance work together I've found it best to keep them as separate as possible, so strength work isn't impaired by the endurance stuff. I'd recommend keeping the day before squats and power cleans preferably completely free or a very easy recovery endurance session so your legs are fresh when you need it most.

If you're training weights 3/4 times per week I'd think alternating a upper and lower body session would be sufficient and you could do an easy run immediately after the upper body session or weights am and endurance pm if you wanted. Otherwise 2 abbreviated full-body weights sessions trained hard would seem sufficient.

In Joel Jamieson's book, he suggest low intensity cardio between heavy weights exercises. I'm not sure I fancy that myself, but it would add to your overall endurance volume using minimal time.

You could cycle weeks/fortnights or more emphasising more endurance work over strength and then vice versa; or just train full 8 week blocks building strength whilst maintaining endurance, then switch the qualities.

I'm just babbling random thoughts which you may already know, but perhaps you can pull something out of that. Hope it helps.
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