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Eric Cady
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Hey Scott,
Cool to hear you have some solid goals! I've been training with Marcelo Garcia a bunch the last year which has been a blast.

As far as training and conditioning goes it's definitely a trick balance. I've been learning from James Fitzgerald (OPT) for some time and have discovered some ways that work for me. Some questions to ask yourself when developing your program
1. What type of game do you play and how best can you develop the energy system that you personally use the most?
- this can determine strength use, explosive bursts, recovery time in cosolidation, muscular endurance needs.
2. How do you feel going into your training?
3. Periodization - when are your competitions and when do you start increasing/ decreasing your workload?
4. Staying healthy- very important. Not healthy= no training period. Be sure ti include foam rolling, stretching, and general mobility work to keep balanced.

Because of my age I have reduced my conditioning work outside jj down to 2x per week, which are primarily strength based - heavy cns now. I train jj 6x per week so burnout is always there if I am not smart. As much as I love CrossFit I can not do the wods and do bjj. My workouts are centered around the answers that i came up with from the questions above. I use quick explosive movements with some isometrics during recovery time. Some my rest periods involve active recovery, but not intense enough to raise my HR too high.

I hope this is some what helpful. I'd love to keep the dialog going because I am experimenting all the time! Good luck on your school!
Eric Cady
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