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Derek Simonds
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15 July 2011 Noon

BJJ Competition class: Quick warm up and then 2 X 10 minutes with 2 other purple belts both of which were 215. Working with these big dudes is really good for pushing me. The first guy had a great post and bridge roll escape from the bottom. I really had to work to get anything. I lost my position a lot but was able to regain it. If it was a tournament he said I would have killed him on points.

Second guy gave me hell. He basically just stalled the whole round. He never really went for anything but he had a really good open guard so I tried a bunch of different things without killing myself. I almost passed a couple of times.

Good to work with the bigger guys I need it.

Tonight is a Rolles Gracie seminar and I am looking forward to participating.
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