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Ricardo Costa
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Speed Bench:

Bench w/ Monster Mini Bands
Bar x 20
Bands 2 sets of 10
135 2 sets of 3

165 3 sets of 3 Close Grip - finger on smooth
185 3 sets of 3 Med grip - between smooth and rings
185 3 sets of 3 Wide grip - pinkies on the rings

Close Grip Bench w/ monster minis - Index finger on the Smooth
135 3 sets of 10

DB Lying Tri Ext (Rollbacks)
50 lbs x 10
60 lbs x 10
70 lbs x 10

DB Shoulder Complex - 25 lbs
Bent over raise - side raise - front raise (palms facing in)
2 sets of 8 - one movement to the next

Dips - Body weight
1x10 - triceps gassed out

Bike 15 mins

When it comes to speed benching first thing is you have to leave your ego at the door, its not about how MUCH you lift, it's how FAST you lift it! As Louie S. preaches, Force is Mass x's ACCELERATION! Do you want to break through those sticking points, get faster not stronger. That's what the Bands teach you, explode off your chest and lock out strong.

All excerises were done with 1 minute rest between sets.

Huge success this morning - Reached 242 lbs on the scale!!!
its been 4-5 years since i was a 242er (my new weight class), when i was a 242er i walked around at 245-250 and i would cut weight for my competitions. walking around at 242 is a huge plunge for me. In just over 2 months i dropped 28 lbs. I got to 256 on my own and now on the Paleo Diet for 3 1/2 weeks i've dropped another 14 lbs. The goal is to get to a solid 240 and start my creatine, protein shakes, tribulus, etc. i figure the supps will put on a few lbs, but i hope to keep leaning out and just up the strength. preaches to just give him 30 days and for me that comes next wednesday and i am already a believer!

I will say my strength is a little down but i feel primed to build it up as my body adjusts to the new weight and i react well to getting the supps in my system. So I did start my Super pump 250 today (only 6 g of carbs per serving - no sugar) it has always worked good for me as a pre workout drink. Only on gym workout days.

Speaking of the gym i do get some of my work in at the local gym by my house/work it's a great place to train, they even sponsored me last year for the Mr. Olympia Bench Invitational. they let me use my bands, rack pull, bring in my kettlebells, just a great all around place to train.

What were you doing Friday night???
I hit the gym early and now off to Poker night with friends!!!
I'll be the one drinking water as they down the Cerveza.
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