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15 July 2011 PM

Rolles Gracie seminar: I learned last night that Rolles dad who is Rolls Gracie was Marcio's professor. Rolls was widely considered the best Gracie fighter of all time. He died in a hang gliding accident in 1982 and that is when Marcio went with Carlos Gracie Jr (who took over Rolls school) and started training at Gracie Barra.

Kind of neat that Marcio's first instructors son was here training us.

All kinds of really good stuff. Rolles has really good stand up. He showed us some good stuff off of some power grips.

On the ground we worked a big guy power game. Rolles is 6'4" 250'ish. Works for me. My notes are in the car and I will update this post with them later.

Seminar lasted about 2:30 and I was totally spent by the time it was over.
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