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18 July 2011 Monday Noon

BJJ Advanced: Good class and we revisited an old move from side control that uses your knee to clear out the inside arm if the guy is playing t-rex defense. Once the arm is cleared you go straight to an inside cross collar choke. Pretty cool setup once you get used to it.

Grappled 2 X 10 minutes. First grapple with a buddy who is smaller and we just went at it. Very athletic role. At one point he went for a straight ankle and I was able to defend and do a sit and spin pass. That pass got some applause from the observers. I did catch an armbar in transition. I am finding that a lot easier to do. Second role was tight and technical. Guy is about my size and same level. Good all around roll and I tried to only go at 70% and work for sweeps and submissions.

Here is a picture that a friend took the other night of one of my all time favorite sneaky gi chokes from the back. In fact you can see that I am grinning while applying it...

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