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Ricardo Costa
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ME Bench:

Mobility warmup

135 2 sets of 10
225 x5
315 x3
365 x5 padded 1 board
405 x3 padded 1 board

4 Board Bench:
405 x5
445 x3
475 x2

DB Bench - palms facing in
100 lbs - 3 sets of 15

DB Side Raise
30 lbs - 4 sets of 8

My midsection was a little tender today from the KB work yesterday but it is a must for me, the last thing i need is for my low back or midsection to get loose while I am lowering and contracting hundreds of pounds over my chest. Staying tight throughout the entire lift is mandatory whether it is your warmup or your maximum effort!

My volume was a little less than normal today, just because i was more focused on the lock out work and the DB Bench. I jumped up 20 lbs from last week on the Db's and wanted to make sure I had a little left in the tank to work my full range of motion. I will probably get some upper body restoration work in tomorrow after my son's practice in the evening.


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