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Default Too early for overhead squats?

My girlfriend has not been lifting that long, but when she originally started to show an interest, she started squatting, pressing and doing body rows to work up to pullups (plus some ab work). She didn't like how back squats seemed to put some extra mass on her legs though.

For the past couple of weeks, she switched to overhead squats and likes them a lot better. Recently, she did 3 sets of 7 @ 37 pounds, after starting with just a PVC pipe.

My question is, when is it considered too early to start a new lifter in overhead squats? She's really liking the results from them a lot more than back squats, and her form looks solid (plenty of depth, bar stays in a pretty straight line, chest is up and weight stays on the heels). She does not have aspirations to be a competitive lifter. Her lifting is more for GPP/health benefits.

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