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Ben and Michael, thanks for your thoughtful replies. Two questions: First, when figuring out a weekly workout schedule, is it best to put the strength day(s) immediately after a rest day (so you're more "fresh"), or immediately before (after you're tired from running the previous days, but will have a day off to recover)?

Second: With respect to the MEBB programing, where does one find "SMART" metcons? I'm assuming wouldn't be the best place to look in general.

As something of a side note, I'm currently amazed at how far my endurance has fallen over the last 4-6 months, even doing short (8-12 minute) metcons twice a week along with lifting. When I switched to a primary focus on strength in early February, I had built my running up to two interval/tempo runs a week, plus one longer run up to 5 miles. Now, as I'm trying to build back up to just running two miles three times a week while lifting twice a week, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to just make it through the two miles. Plus, I'm sore, tired, and finding myself struggling with squat weights that were relatively easy a month ago.

Perhaps I didn't take enough of a break between my strength program (where I was right at the end of a linear progression) and starting back into endurance training. Regardless of the reason, I certainly feel humbled on all fronts right now. I may need to scale WAY back on the lifting for a few weeks while I focus on running some distance and recovering.
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