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Ricardo Costa
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Well today ended my 30 day challenge from Robb Wolf and his Paleo Solution and i can say i dropped a solid 14 lbs, down to my goal of 242 lbs! before that i dropped 14 lbs for total 28 in 2 1/2 months. I will say i am somewhat surprised at how easily it was to lose those cravings for grains and to accept all the vegetables I am now eating, but i am very happy that i have switched over to a more nutritious eating plan.

I will say that i do have a very good metabolism and it was always a chore to maintain my weight at 270, i was constantly eating and most of it bad, but it was a necessary evil to stay at that weight but my metabolism never gave me justice at my attempt to be a full 275'er. I wanted to walk around at least at 280 and drop down for meets but my body was always self regulating so that is why I believe dropping this weight was not really that bad, the first 14 was easy, the 2nd 14 was more work for sure, but now with new eating habits i believe i can feel better and look better!

Also, the inflammation is way down, people today are riddled with inflammation problems and my past injuries were greatly affected by inflammation. By adding more Omega 3's and getting rid of the grains, the stamina in my joints has vastly improved.

Now i have to admit i did get an order of fries and some soft serve, today at sizzler as a small celebration (carb loading, haha) so i am far from perfect, as we all have our weaknesses, but even those weren't that great and i have always been a fri-aholic!

Eating the way the cavemen did just makes good sense, so i hope a lot of you will look into making better choices. We are all performance driven, so i wish you luck in your pursuit of excellence!

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