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Originally Posted by Matt Thomas View Post
Did I get rhabdo?

I was at a CF gym about a year ago (i know, i know) and we went through a pretty "intense" workout. A little while after I got home I went to the bathroom and peed straight coffee. Knowing what rhabdo was and that this was one of the symptoms I freaked out and proceeded to drink about a gallon and a half of water/gatorade (it seemed like the thing to do). I told myself if I went to the bathroom again and it hadn't improved I'd go to the doctor. Fortunately next time I went to the bathroom it was normal color. I wasn't really sore, I never swelled up, and after that there were really no other symptoms.

Did I have mild rhabdo or was I just dehydrated? Just curious.
No one will ever know since you didn't get your creatine kinase levels tested... one of the symptoms fit but if you didn't experience any level of soreness or decrease in strength it was probably minor at worst..., but still.
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