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Ricardo Costa
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Speed Bench:
Friday 7-22-11

Mobility warm up

Bench w/ Monster Mini Bands
Bands 3 sets of 10
135 x3

165 x3 - 3sets Close Grip
185 x3 - 3 sets Med Grip 1 min rest between all sets
185 x3 - 3 sets Wide grip

Close Grip Bench w/ Monster Mini's
135 x 10
135 x 10 1 min rest between all sets
135 x 8

Lying Tri Extensions (rollbacks)
50 x 10
60 x 10
70 x 10

Rear Delts (Pec Deck)
75 - 2 sets of 10

BW x 20
BW x 18
BW x 15
1:30 rest between sets and static hold at the top at end of the set

Elliptical 15 mins

Felt Great in the gym tonight, I did have to rush since they close at 10 pm on Friday night so had to keep a fast pace, but luckily got a little nap when i got home from work so it helped me have some energy tonight.

4 weeks out to the Norwalk meet where i am trying to set an American Submaster Record and 8 weeks out to the Olympia! 4 weeks seems like not enough time, so glad it's a tune up for the bright lights of Vegas.


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