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1/10. If you can't lower your arams how are you typing? I doubt any person or trainer is dumb enough to take that on as a first workout. I am curious though, please go run a 5k and let us know how much time you dropped.
you probably have the world record for hands-in-the-air-the-longest.
crossfit is highly popular among douchbags. try a little work out progression next time moron.
I had something similar when I spent an hour throwing medicine balls about, particularly lying on my back on the floor and throwing one up into the air and catching it when I was in a bit of a rage. Only, if I remember rightly, when I woke up the next day I couldn't raise my arms instead, and I felt sick. It lasted about 10 days. Nothing helped apart from time. Have you been able to drive?
I laughed at the first post for about 15 minutes.
Ah...I remember this workout. I crossfitted all last summer, and I never experienced acute muscle soreness. I was sure to eat a ton of protein (milk, meat, cottage cheese, plain yogurt) along with the fruits and veggies. You probably didn't tear anything..and I agree with the 1st to reply, you probably have rhabdo. Make sure you get a ton of sleep over the next few days, and maybe ask the "trainer" (I'm hesitant to give them full credibility) for an alternative workout. Sometimes, I'd jumprope that class to get some good cardio while not making myself more sore. Hope this helps...and don't follow the Paleo diet they preach. Trust me, it can mess you up
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