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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Any time you chronically inflame an area without allowing it to heal you're opening yourself up to some bad bad bad bad injuries.
This is the crazy thing about the CF fanaticism amongst people who, ultimately, just want to train a bit and not suck at life. Not pro athletes, not pro CFers, essentially weekend warriors. This is 99.9% of the fitness population. Amongst this, we all have varying degrees of how far we want to push it. Personally, I will do a PL meet here and here, will probably do some other strength related competitions at some point, but really I'm just a wannabe strength athlete. I want to get better, stronger, but I also want to be healthy and take a long term, safe approach to everything. I'm on the wrong side of 25 (or hell, 18) to get into any sport too seriously.

For this population, of which I am a part of, recovery is of the utmost importance, and the pendulum swings heavier in the recovery direction the older you get. This is something Dan John, Pavel, Wendler, etc harp on routinely. If it means I skip a workout, or take it easy for a week, so be it. But these CFers work out routinely while they're banged up, and think it's some badge of honor. For people who joke routinely about the Darwinism of their "sport", a lot of them just follow the rest of the lemmings off the cliff.
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