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Originally Posted by Warren Rupaprt View Post
Ben and Michael, thanks for your thoughtful replies. Two questions: First, when figuring out a weekly workout schedule, is it best to put the strength day(s) immediately after a rest day (so you're more "fresh"), or immediately before (after you're tired from running the previous days, but will have a day off to recover)?

Second: With respect to the MEBB programing, where does one find "SMART" metcons? I'm assuming wouldn't be the best place to look in general.

As something of a side note, I'm currently amazed at how far my endurance has fallen over the last 4-6 months, even doing short (8-12 minute) metcons twice a week along with lifting. When I switched to a primary focus on strength in early February, I had built my running up to two interval/tempo runs a week, plus one longer run up to 5 miles. Now, as I'm trying to build back up to just running two miles three times a week while lifting twice a week, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to just make it through the two miles. Plus, I'm sore, tired, and finding myself struggling with squat weights that were relatively easy a month ago.

Perhaps I didn't take enough of a break between my strength program (where I was right at the end of a linear progression) and starting back into endurance training. Regardless of the reason, I certainly feel humbled on all fronts right now. I may need to scale WAY back on the lifting for a few weeks while I focus on running some distance and recovering.

Sorry the reply has taken a while, I've been busy getting married and I'm currently on honeymoon!

Anyhooo.... In response to your first question I think doing strength workouts 'fresh' is more productive, if you always train in a fatigued state you just can't lift enough to improve. This isn't necessarily a problem on top of a high frequency program, but I think it is if you've only time for a couple of weights days per week. I'm not 100% sure on the answer to this question honestly, but this fits with my experience and simply makes sense if you need to maintain intensity to keep strength when reducing frequency and volume. You won't maintain intensity with battered legs obviously. You could always do upper the following day though.

I don't know about specific met cons, but know enough that if you want endurance, do endurance. Circuits develop several qualities to a moderate level, but to be good you should forget them. If you aim to build endurance and maintain strength, then they serve no purpose. If you want to do them no worries, but the reason your endurance has dropped in my opinion is because they are simply too short. Endurance requires training your oxidative system for reasonable durations, so simply do that with some common sense applied to strength work without destroying yourself trying to do too much. 3x30' runs would do as a minimum to start without getting all fancy.

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