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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
I fucking just don't understand this functional movement shit...
Crossfit keeps saying tricep extensions and tricep kickbacks are not "functional movements or applicational to every day living"...
How else am I going to wipe my ass after taking a shit without doing a tricep extension or tricep kickback? THESE ARE FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS
Do I just asian squat and monkey scoop with both hands?
Now that I think about it, toilets aren't paleolithic either.
The curl is so underrated it's ridiculous. Look up how throwers (track and highland) use power curls to improve their throws. Anyone who has ever moved loaded boxes has curled. Anyone who walks up stairs and opens doors while carrying groceries curls. I mean, jesus christ, your biceps are there for a reason. They do real, applicable work, both in life and on the field. And their recovery demands are so low that it's easy to get a few sets in per week and get stronger at the movement without interfering with the big stuff.

True, it's never really a limiting factor in these endeavors, but since I started curling, it's sure a lot easier to bring in groceries.

And for what it's worth, I'm not sure there's a less functional movement than the snatch. No one ever puts a load overhead, such as a bag of rice or a bucket of water or a kid who wants a ride, without a press or a jerk portion.
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