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Originally Posted by Matt Thomas View Post
In all fairness to the movements, I don't think it's a specific movement pattern that makes an exercise functional or not, rather the attributes that it trains. The movement of a snatch may not be something found in daily life, but the power that it develops can be applicable and thus "functional" (stupid word). I mean really I cant remember the last time I ever squatted something. If I wanted to train hip and leg strength in a way that only mimicked life I would do car push, yoke and farmers carries. However the overall strength (among other things) that the squat develops and trains is what makes it "functional.".

I think Crossfit loses sight of this sometimes which makes them discredit things like the curl and the bench press, which are actually really solid movements IMO.
I was being a bit glib to show the absurdity of their point. We all know SDHPs are the least functional movement of all time.
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