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Ricardo Costa
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Thanks Derek!

Max Effort (ME) Bench:

Mobility Warm up

135 x 10
185 x 8
225 x 5
275 x 3
315 x 3
365 x 3 padded one board
405 x 2 padded one board

Shirt work:
495 x 2 - 3 board
545 x 1 - 3 bd
585 x 1 - 3 bd
600 x 1 - 3 bd
585 x 1 - 2 bd

DB Bench: (palms facing in)
120 x 10 - 3 sets
80 x 20

DB Clean
20 - 3 sets of 15

News Flash - Losing weight affects your strength and takes time to transition!

I am very happy with all my weight loss of 30 lbs has done, for my quality of life, now I have to start to build up my strength at this new weight class. I feel great, I look better and I feel like i just added some years to my life. But now, time to get back to mankind's true essence - I can lift a bigger rock than you can!

Really it's just a mind game, and excepting a set back in strength and then building upon the new attributes that i have attained.

I am lucky to have good workout partners that put up with all the sets, board holding, lift offs, etc. But they have been too nice in this process, somebody tell me that i suck, I need some haters to get the blood flowing. Passion is great, but proving somebody wrong really gets the weights going.

-Strong Minds, Build Strong Bodies-
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