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Default negative effects of ART?

So I did something to my knee back in February, and went to a chiropractor for ART. He said it was not torn and just hyperextended.

Anyway, it's been months and I'm noticing that it's still not at 100% (strength-wise), and that it particularly hurts or feels numb after ART. Other times it feels about 90%, with no pain or numbness but a bit of stiffness/soreness from time to time.

I am going to an orthopedist to get an MRI (on the 8th) and rule out a possible ACL tear, since my chiro wants me to rule it out, but honestly it does not hurt and does not feel sore or anything around the ACL (though the articular cartilage feels a little tender).

I am just wondering if there's any way the ART could be doing damage. Is it possible that it is destroying muscle fiber in an attempt to realign fiber? Could it be affecting the integrity of neuro activation? Maybe not getting ART is exactly what I need.
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