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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post

Its so funny how he goes on this rant about Twight plagiarizing him, yet he seems to forget he completely plagiarized Supertraining (page 31, 1999)

I'm glad you posted this because it seems to be the ultimate irony with crossfit claiming to be the world's greatest general physical PREPAREDNESS program. i did crossfit pretty hardcore for more than 2 years. During those 2 years, my level of preparedness (ABILITY TO EXPRESS FITNESS) steadily declined over time to the point where if i wasn't WOD-DING, i had a hard time performing simple daily tasks because i was too sore or too tired or both.

i remember thinking one time after doing something stupid like 30 rounds of 'cindy' that what little i may have gained in 'work capacity' was not worth what I had lost in preparedness. at first this started to affect only level of preparedness right after training, but then it turned into a more chronic condition called ADRENAL FATIGUE SYNDROME. So, the program that aims to improve preparedness in the long run does just the opposite!!
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