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Originally Posted by Justin Z. Smith View Post
And props to Twight for putting himself out there. Does any video of Glassman working out even exist? Not sure why not if it is "infinitely scalable" etc.


Glassman has stated why he doesn't workout publicly.

Cooperman asked if I did the WOD every day. I said, no, Im usually experimenting on myself and others with protocols that will quickly be abandoned and it would be unethical to spread them to the community at large adding that most of what we monkey with will never make it to wider audience.

So basically, Glassman is like the Atlanta CDC of Crossfit.

He "experiments" on all the super secret exercises that no one's ever thought of before so that everyone else won't have to be infected by the dangerous workouts. If you didn't monkey around with these unique exercises before, people would start getting injuries like rhabdo, SLAP, and Achilles tears. And that would just be unethical.
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