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Ricardo Costa
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Extra Work:
Sun 7-31-11

Mobility Warm Up

The Magic 50
50 lbs DB

5 rounds of : 1-1:30 min rest between (should be 1 or less)
5 DB Snatches (each Arm)
5 DB Swings (each Arm)
10 Burpees

Standing Elbow Strikes w Heavy Bag
3 sets of 40 (20R, 20L) 30 second rest

Hanging leg raise
3 sets of 10

Hanging Oblique knee ups
2 sets of 20 (10R, 10L)

Eliptical 15 mins
Sauna 10 mins (stretching)

The Magic 50 from is no joke please take out 10-15 mins out of your day grab a DB and complete 5 rounds and after you finish stumbling around let me know how it went!

GPP, Metcon, Conditioning, whatever you want to call it, is a great asset to what ever endeavor you participate in. You know the saying "exhaustion makes cowards of us all!" it is so true and being in great condition will only benefit you in so many ways.

-Pain is weakness leaving the body-
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