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Default Fat Loss for Ectomorphs

I am a 6'1 145 lb college student. I have good strength and BF is 9%. Iím a collegiate distance runner but will be taking the next few months off and won't be doing any cardio. I lift 3 times a week, mostly upper body, and do a lot of core work. Right now I eat 5 to 6 times a day, and my weight has been holding steady at about 2200-2600 calories a day. Diet is high in protein, low-med in carbs and fat. Carbs are fruits, vegies, potatoes, and whole grains and majority are in the first half of the day. Iíve never tried a paleo or low carb diet but am definitely willing to give it a go.
Goal is to get to 6-7% BF, which I realize will be very tough. Initial plan was to try a carb cycling diet. Anyone have any thoughts or advice for a good diet/workout plan? I would greatly appreciate it.
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