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Default Pete's WL Journal

I thought I'd start a (b)log here, I've been a member of this forum for quite some time now. I'm going to be more active on this forum...because..well...I like it a lot!!!

Best lifts..

Snatch - 62k
C&J - 77k (I've cleaned and jerked 80 in training, but that doesn't count)
Front Squat 100k
Back Squat 130k

Body weight - 69kg (Dieting down towards 65'ish kg's.

Yesterdays workout 1/8/2011

Power Snatch 47.5kg x 3R x 5
Power Cln & Jrk 60kg x 3R x 5
Front Squat 80kg x 5R x 4
Snatch Balance - 30kg x 5R x 5
Bend overs (their like good mornings I guess) - 20kg x 3R x 6

It felt quite strange doing snatch balances towards the end of the worked out nicely however...since I was pretty warm and ready to go after doing the heavier work. It's a totally different program than I've done in the has more power work in it. I'm looking forward to seeing what I do in November (state championships). It'll hopefully be 70/95...if I work uber hard
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