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Default Help a fatboy out?

So many options so little direction! first, I am 235lbs 5 ft 7" but can't get rid of fat, go to crossfit nc although i took a little 3wk break low back pain, but really have no problems with the wod somedays I can finish up top somedays I am at the bottom! Main objectives is to really lean out, have been working on cleaning up my diet losing the bojangles, going to eggs, spinach, etc.cut beer down to two days a week, I work at a very busy place really want to see just how effective IF is for leaning me out. What are the best ways to start? I usually work out in the afternoon, so I am wondering when the best feeding window would be? I rise @ 5:30 am every day work wod at 6:00 then bed by 10. Thanks for all your help! thomas
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