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The rest of the tape (not featured) is very interesting, as well.

It begins with an account of Polish off-season training. Hardcore GPP-- lots of photos of guys clean+push-pressing logs, throwing them at each other, balancing along logs, etcetera. Footage of hill-running up steps, jumping up steps (~5 at a time) up a hill, and cross-country skiing. Lots of jumping exercises, too.

The next scene is in a gymnasium, and features a lot of light jogging and dynamic stretches for warm-up, followed by gymnastic exercises of various sorts, including floor progressions (tumbling, Handstand walks, rolling, a few partner gymnastics exercises, progressions up to tucks and handsprings). Also featured are movement-response drills (lie-on-your-belly and get-up-and-sprint-at-the-clap stuff).

What most shocked me is 1) How SKINNY most of the lifters are and 2) how they deemphasize the top of the pull relative to modern competitors.

The tape winds up with a look into the athlete selection process at the middle school/ high school level and ends with a monologue by Waldemar Bazenowski, which sounds vaguely inspiring but is unfortunately completely unintelligible if you don't speak Polish.
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