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I'm very interested in both of these questions as well. An article on these things would make a great article for the sight!

Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
When training a more highly developed crossfit athletes such as Jocelyn, have you switched to more of a 90% o-lifting cycle with only maintenance for metcon? Or have you found it more successful to stick with a format such as the one you posted?
I was wondering something similar. With such short metcons, were they just maintaining an aerobic ability/work capacity/whatever, that she already had? Or were they developing it further?

Originally Posted by ross dijulio View Post
Is there a program/cycle much like the one you designed for Jocelyn that you suggest? I do CF but do not agree with much of the programming hq and other affiliates. I love the way that week designed above looked and was hoping to be pointed in a similar direction, as I do still want to compete in cf. Any help??
This. I mentioned Coach Rut's Fitness Conduit (, but if there are any others?
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