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Week 2

Once again...still working off a ground work program...

Power Snatch 42.5k x 3R x 6
Power Clean & Jerk 62.5k x 3R x 6
Front Squat 90k x 3R x 2, 80k x 5R x 3, 60k x 3R x 1
Snatch Balance 30k x 5R x 3, 32.5 x 3R x 2
Bend Overs bar x 3R x 6

I neglected to have my daily carbs pre training which made the training a bit difficult...but only a bit. All the sets & reps got in though. With the new foot work method that I picked up when jerking...being used for the snatch balances...I've gotten a lot quicker and more assertive!!
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