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The magic of the Paleo diet and fish oil.

Someone give me the number of her fish oil supplier . . .

I honestly don't give a shit about PED use. My "GRAR DRUGS ARE BAD" attitude has lightened considerably since I first started lifting. If you're aware of the dangers do what floats your boat, and for some sports PED use is necessary to be competitive and ensure longevity. And I'm not one of those types who think it's an affront to femininity for a woman to carry around a good amount of muscle mass.

But the "We're natty you horrible drug-using fiends" attitude of HQ while touting athletes like the above as clean really burns me up. Is someone going to honestly argue that a female athlete with over fifteen years of competitive experience in power-based sports still managed to pack on that much upper-body muscle mass while remaining that lean in the space of a year?
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