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I know the Zone is not really big around here, but it is a good starting place. I would:

1. Start by cleaning up my diet and my kitchen. Lean meat, eggs, protein powder, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish oil. Eat what you want from the list, multiple times a day. Drink non calorie beverages with an emphasis on water and green tea.

2. Ramp up nutrition by going on a strict Zone diet. Weigh and measure. record food intake and how you feel. Stick with this until your body fat gets to a reasonable level and you have a very good feel for portion sizes and volumes.

3. Time to go paleo. Start to emphasize food quality (while still keeping an eye on quantity). Organic produce, grass fed meats...back off the "made in lab" food.

4. Now lets compress our eating time into a window during the day or evening. yep, it's IF time! 5 hours a day of eating (3-8pm is working into my schedule), a little more, a little less. Make sure you jam all of your intake from step 3 into the 5 hour window.

Individual results may vary (in deep announcer voice). Now it's time to market the process and rip you guys to get paid? Uh...the Chicago, Oak Street beach Diet, no; the Progression (don't look at the PM or you'll see I ripped off all the ideas) Diet. Screw it, just take it...if I could write a diet book, I wouldn't be a cop!
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