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Default AFG Team Strongman event ideas

I've volunteered to help set up a Team Strongman event for the servicemembers here during the Labor day weekend. I'm not a strongman and have never competed but after seeing the way the powerlifting competition was done here I thought it best if I took charge of this myself.

I'm currently in the brainstorming phase, the general intent is to have it span the Labor day weekend Fr-Sun with teams of 6 or 8. I'm leaning towards 6 myself

Here are my ideas so far feel:

Humvee push:
Idea - team of 6, 3 sit inside while being pushed one way then switch after hitting distance marker
Criteria - For a set distance, time is the score

Weighted pullup:
Idea - Each individual on a team gets 3 tries with weight on a dip belt for a 1 rep maximum
Criteria - chin over the bar, Total weight for team is score

OH anyhow (press, push press, jerk)
Idea - Each team member gets 1 minute to get a bar overhead as many times as possible - Males 155#'s, females 65 #'s
Criteria - bar must come down and full extension to count - Total # of reps per team would be score

Medley Day, events are all completed back to back by all individuals in team individuals must complete 1 event before progressing to next
Farmers walk - 80# DB's for males, 40#DB's for females - Set distance
Tire flip - heavier tire for males, lighter tire for females - set distance
Stone carry - find big ass rock - set distance
Criteria - Total time would be the score for each team

Stone toss - Total distance tossed per team would be the score
400m Relay - Total time per team would be the score

Team Tug of war - Based on scores from all other events would be the basis of the bracket for the team tug of war

Total winner calculation:
This is the part I'm not sure how to do, would it be an average of the placings from all the events? How would this be done? Team X placed

What do you actually experienced strongmen think about these ideas? I'm trying to set it up so that it's challenging for most servicemembers but that it's not completely undoable either. Or should I lower the standards more to have a better entry rate? It's really just a morale boosting event while we are over here type of thing.

Any ideas or criticisms are welcome.
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