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Tuesday August 9th


Volume day is boring man. You get a good endorphin buzz but there's a pronounced lack of heavy weights and glorious PR's. I've already got my next routine planned out, which I'll be starting when I'm squatting in the 400's for 5's. Start each workout by working up to a heavy single/PR, then do the last AMAP 5/3/1 set as a back off, then hit up some swollertrophy inducing leg pressing and bulgarian split squatting for high reps. Will be on a 5/3/1 schedule (4 days a week). I'll probably be wearing knee wraps for the heavy single so I can go to town and pile on the weight. Instead of a deadlift day I'll have an RDL day where I hammer my PC. I'll start power cleaning again as a warm up to a max RDL + 5/3/1 back off, then do good mornings or something.

Wide Stance Box Squat

Still not all out or close to it.

Bench Press - TnG

3 min rest, hard.

Lying Tricep Extension

BB Row

A little harder because this was a 5 pound jump instead of 2.5, but still manageable.

I'm not doing the fat gripz dl cause I'm tired of it. I'll hit up heavy, very short rack pulls with a hook grip on recovery day. I'll make each rep 3 seconds to mimic a heavy DL, 5 reps total. I'll start with 365 and work up 5 pounds a week.


Got an accurate measurement of my weight. 232 towards the end of the day, clothed. Its not as bad as I had feared. Not great, but it could be worse considering my appetite since I started the TM. I've gained like, 18-20 pounds, but, I've added like fiddy+ pounds to my squat, which is some consolation I guess. My bench is more or less the same as it was though, so thats not so great. Press is a little bit ahead. Meh. I've still got a half inch less on my arms, and my legs are the same size as when I started the diet. I dont know what that means regarding body composition but its probably a positive.
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