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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
That's great Clay. Good job.

That cut to 2500 calories was pretty steep, but you were smart to add in lots of walking, and reducing the stupid human tricks (metcons).

Low carb is great to drop a ton of water quick, and at least see some change on the scale, but the combination of long term lowered carbs and strenuous activity usually leaves people looking and feeling burnt out.

Keep us updated.
Thanks Derek, your calculations were very helpful. As I recall now I dropped the extra 500 per day (give or take) by doing IF, it wasn't so much that I made a point of cutting calories as I made a point of trying IF. I'd do IF for a day or two, then find the next day that even when I ate 3 squares i was eating less. I don't recall doing low carb at that time; probably would have been a really bad idea to combine the three. I noticed a bit of burn out at the beginning of July; I immediately stopped all long hikes and upped my carbs and the feeling went away within a week.

I'm doing a bit of unintentional IF now as I can't seem to eat before noon but my macronutrient ratios look pretty good and I am eating plenty; I'm getting plenty of fat and have added white rice back into the diet since I tolerate it very well. I'm probably eating right around 3200 cal right now. I have no intention of going back to low carb since when I do my performance and recovery tanks.

Will post an update when I drop the next 5.
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