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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
It may be annoying, but it still looks like.... 335?

That's not Bryan Clay is it?

That apparently is Bryan Clay.
Which is more than I am benching right now, sad to say. And he is doing it at a bw of 180 lbs.

And if all they had was bumpers so be it, I'm guessing that for consistency some affiliates might only buy rubber. I guess I've seen too many pictures of some xfitter doing an OHS with those fat 10 lb trainers stacked on each side like so many lifesavers that it drives me a tad crazy.

Originally Posted by Russell Crosswy View Post
I would imagine a logical fallacy class would have a field day with using Greg Glassman videos for examples of different logical fallacies.
I'm guessing that some fallacies would be so convoluted that at least one of them would be named "Glassman's fallacy."
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