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Default Imperfection training

In Pavel’s book Beyond Bodybuilding he mentions imperfection training whilst referring to Tommy Kono’s book whatever it is called. The premise being to train (your back in this instance) through ranges of motion you would normally avoid with a view to better injury resistance for those times when you end up out of your normal ROM under loading.

I did this before with very light SLDL’s using a kettlebell and slowly rolling the spine as I lowered the weight to the floor from the top down as Pavel recommends. My back did feel feel good and resilient after several weeks of this although it feels a bit risky whilst doing it. I stopped because I felt like I didn’t need it anymore and I thought it was a bit risky given the recommendations by nearly all trainers to avoid loading a flexed spine.

I recently aggravated an old bulging disc injury in my lower back whilst on honeymoon through simply tying my laces and standing up despite having no issues with it for a year. I’m considering doing this again when my back is rehabbed.

Another example is Pavel's idea to lift a KB from the outside of foot with straight…ish legs, stand-up normally then lower to the opposite side - flexing and bending the spine under light loading.

What are people’s opinions on this type of training?
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