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I appreciate what you are saying and I'm haven't made my mind up about them... but I don't think Pavel, Kono or Dreschler are fools. I think Siff may have advocated something similar, although I'm not sure.

The idea is to use weights of 30-40% of what you can clean which isn't a lot for the likes of me and work very carefully and slowly through the movement.

I have been training my back in a conventional manner using deads/power cleans, RDL's, back extensions, swings etc, together with trunk strengthening work. However, the idea is it doesn't prepare your back for when you are hunched over in everyday life and something tweaks outside of an ideal deadlift position where your back is in a nice arch and everything is perfectly balanced.

I made no mention of being strong. My back is currently knackered and I'm rehabbing it which made me think of this movement. I could easily DL over twice BW not too long ago for what it's worth. I know that isn't breaking any records.

I'm more interested in getting my lower back healthy and resilient for everyday life currently and wondered if this albeit unconventional method may be of benefit. I won't stop doing deads and the rest of things, just wondered if this is a worthwhile addition, or just stupid.
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