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Thursday August 8th

Front Squats

Not too hard.

137.5x5 (belt)

Went up much easier, probably thanks to the belt. I tried to lean back even more than was happening naturally and it felt like I almost folded in half for a second, had to fight to get more upright. Back feels fine though.

1" Rack Pulls
135x5 - DOH 5 second count
225x5 - DOH 5 second count
315x5 - DOH 5 second count
365x4 DOH 3 second count, missed last rep only 1.5 seconds
415x5 Hook Grip 5 second count - Very painfull was quite surprised my thumbs werent ripped to shreds and bleeding after the set, began to believe people who say hook grip kills nerves as thumbs were numb after.
465x1 Mixed Grip 6 second count - Very easy
505x1 Mixed grip 10 count (not seconds, just counted to ten. Calves were cramping, traps were cramping, felt really heavy. Probably 5-6 seconds) Hard but not balls out

So I guess I would be a dumbass to not keep doing these fat gripz deadlifts as it seems to be working well. I felt some bicep strain, don't trust mixed grip at all. I did some 315 deadlifts and they were quite light, felt very happy until I realized that it wasnt 365 on the bar. Oh well. I'm thinking I'll test my deadlift when I'm squatting 400x5. If I hit 475+ as a 1RM I'll probably cream my pants.
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