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Originally Posted by Tamara Cohen View Post
"I couldn't help but notice the increase in average quality of weightlifting technique and leg strength between this year and last. I believe that these will continue to increase through the next couple years until everyone participating has the technique and positions of an elite level weightlifter and exceptional leg strength."

This strikes me as flat out delusional.
Originally Posted by Corey Kissel View Post
Yeah, this is what really bothered can someone acheive the same status of an elite oly caliber while also training the slow lifts, gymnastics, swimming, metcons, extended aerobic runs when the best weightlifters in the world spend decades of rigorous training on perfecting 2 of the most challenging movements in the history of challening movements? Rhetorical...
For comparison.

Please look at the Games competitors' squat numbers:

And, then compare to:

I am not meaning to knock the accomplishments of the Games athletes, but some of them squat less than I do.

The difference between a Games athlete with a 198 lb squat and an elite weightlifter with a 160 kg squat = delusional.
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