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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
Try self-massaging your glute max and TFL for your IT band issues. In a webinar, Thomas Myers stated that recent fascia research indicates that the IT band is too strong for manual therapists to be able to directly affect, and he stated that IT band work usu. just works the vastus lateralis.

I haven't looked much into it myself, but I trust Myers' stuff.
Well, IT band doesn't stretch much anyway cause it's dense connective tissue. Can't really do much to the compartments of the leg, and to a lesser extend the forearm either. If you're targetting anything in the leg or forearm it's usually going to be the muscles via various techniques.

So yes, working the IT band itself tends to mostly work VL underneath of it.

Glute max and TFL work do affect IT band the most since they insert into it so yeah... it's just logical.
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