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Default "official" gymnastics warm up

Any gymnastics guru's out there have a favorite warm up?

Here's what I know:
1) get the body warm
2) do easier version of the movement to be trained in order to prep for the range of motion

Here's (some of the very long list of things) that I don't know:
1) Can I do shorter holds as a way to warm up for longer holds, or am I just burning myself out for the "work sets"? Should I instead do "lighter" holds/movements by using assistance (bands, etc) to prep the hold/movement?
2)Is there an order that I should work in, for example holds to full range of motion movements, or visa versa?

Let's say I want to train the following skills:
1) hand stand
2) hand stand push ups
3) Muscle ups
4) L sits
5) Front Lever

what order would you put these and how (and how much) would you warm up for these?

Thanks a ton!
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