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Wow thread resurrected from the dead.

Few observations (and these are my observations only):

1. Master the swing. Read Dan John's article on the hinge. I coach people who get this and people who don't. Personally I cannot do a squat-style swing abomination as seen on the internetz.

2. The clean is kind of awkward to learn. If you are moderately strong and know how to use your hips then you can muscle the damn thing up. I went to a workshop a long time ago and as much as I enjoyed the day it mostly just validated what I was already doing. I like Enter the Kettlebell but there are still a few things that remain blurry from Pavel's pointers. Just keep going and you will become comfortable. The bell flies around, bangs your wrist then you get it. I try to get people to think of switching between loose and tight (while trying to avoid any trite sub Bruce Lee analogies). Learn to vary your grip to manipulate the bell. Same for the snatch, same for the swing. All the same if you can get to some decent coaching, do it.

3. Oddly, as I have worked more with double kettlebell moves I feel that the clean is more intuitive with a bell in each hand the weight seems to hit the rack almost perfectly without much thought. I feel this applies to the double snatch as well but I would not recommend these to anyone until they were very comfortable with heavier bells.

4. KBs are relatively easy to press. They are relatively easy to snatch. Don't worry too much what others are apparently doing in cyberspace. I remember articles on Dragondoor where people couldn't get the 24k above their heads when they first got their hands on them. Now the 32k seems to be the man weight and everyone is striving to press heavier and heavier bells. All good but strive to better within your own capabilities. I know I could snatch are 40kg kb because I can do that with a db and I can do it with a BB (one arm) without much fuss. I don't expect to be able to do 100 reps though straight out because that's what everyone else did at the latest TSC.

5. Forget the funky shit, at least for a long time. Cleans (mostly as a means to rack the kb), presses, swings, snatches and TGUs are great. Goblet squats are awesome. A lot of the other stuff is fluff. I would never abandon pull ups, deadlifts, press ups etc. I do windmills sparingly. Along with the double clean and press I have grown to really appreciate double front squats. As I get older back squats are not kind to my hips and wrist and hand injuries do not lend themselves to certain barbell moves I find the kbs very forgiving here even if I do I appreciate that they are not optimal.

6. When/if you do get some more kbs/heavier kbs don't forget the 16k. It will still be very useful.

7. Make sure you continue to have fun.
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