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Your best bet would be to sift through contests and look at what's expected for the implements themselves, and then look through results to see what the avg 200 is doing.

That being said, there's a very large spread seen at competitions. If a competition does not have a novice division, the 175s and 200s tend to catch a lot of new folks. I find with most competitions, there's a few who are just looking to try it out without much background at all, a few who have done 1 or 2 competitions but don't/aren't able to train specifically, and then there's the guys with several years under their belt and 15+ competitions. Compare yourself to the guys in the middle and go from there.

I started out with fairly low numbers on the barbell:

365 back squat
470 DL
175 Press
265 Clean

The most relevant is the Deadlift. I know some SM who don't squat that often, and who favor Box Squats, chains, and other variations to the full BS. A Push Press or Jerk will get you much further in strongman than your strict press numbers.

A reasonable expectation for farmers would be 225-250 if there's a turn, and 250+ with no turns.~100'

For the yoke, I've had everything from 400-650 in a competition. Average would be 500-550. 40-80'

A 330 stone to a low platform, at the end of a series, with tacky, would take care of you on many competitions.
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