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Wow James! Thanks for the post. Lots of good tidbits of info in there.

I already own a 16 kilo kb. So I am torn as to what to get next. I want to learn to do Turkish Get Ups, but the 16 kilo seems a bit heavy. I can do them, but I think it would be smarter to start with a lighter weight.

I was thinking of getting an 8 kilo Kb for this purpose, but thought that I might not use it too much after I got the TGU's figured out. I could use it to learn the windmill, and my wife could probably use it if I could talk her into it

I started doing TGU's at the gym with a 15lb dumb bell, just to get the movement down. Do you have any opinions on this? I know it's not a KB, but I think it works for learning the movement...

I want to get a 20 kilo as well. Decisions Decisions...
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