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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
Check this out, sound familiar?

Just recieved an email from the Doc that wrote this article:

Thank you for your interest in the article.

I will start by saying that the workout in our report was a
modification on a crossfit workout
. I too came across some reports in
the grey literature (albeit not as many) . In fact, there is an
article in the crossfit journal that warns of rhabdomyolysis and
provides 4 cases as examples. However, I agree that there is no other
peer-reviewed literature on short-duration high intensity workouts and
Anecdotally, in the past 2 years our emergency room was started to see
about 2 cases per month of rhabdomyolysis mainly from crossfit and
p90x. So, I agree that they may be increasing.
These cases are mainly
in people with intermediate conditioning. I hypothesize that it would
be difficult for a high level athlete or someone completely out of
shape to get EIR.

The question is what to do? Crossfit is very clear about the risk and
provides a graduated program. They also suggest training from experts
who will guide the trainees through the workouts. There has never to
my knowledge been a case of permanent renal failure related to EIR of
any kind. But is it only a matter of time? We know in crush injuries
rhabdo can cause renal failure or even death. Is there something
fundamentally different?
There is a commentary on the article you may find interesting:

In the end it is my hope that the article will raise suspicions in the
ER for EIR.
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