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Someone was asking me a about barefoot running and I sent her some of the stuff below. Thought it may be of interest.

I'm not a barefoot fan - I have a pair of Merrells and love them (save for the smell) but not convinced I would want to run anywhere in them.

I love Inov 8s. This does not make me a crossfitter.

Barefoot/minimalist navel gazing:

Inov 8:

Here is the Merrell lowdown on barefoot:

New Balance have also jumped into this:

and I expect the other major manufacturers to be considering their options.

Here is an article from Outside Magazine on barefoot running:

Something a bit more sciencey:

Lastly, this is well worth reading my Merrell's absolutely stink despite having some radical new odour guard to protect them and wearing socks:

In comments to that article someone suggested putting the shoes in the freezer overnight (in a sealed bag) to kill the bacteria then wash them. Haven't tried this yet. It's really important to dry them out of direct sunlight. One thing I've done and been please with after a suggestion from another manufacturer is to rub the insides with Tea Tree Oil.
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