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I've been doing DJ's "Easy Strength" program for the past few months, with 4 days/week on average. I've been cycling between Bench/Back Squat/DL/Row and Press/FS/DL variation/pullup, with DJ's "deload" week every 3rd week. I've been trying to be consistent with loaded carries/sled work as well.

Week 1: Mon 2 x 5, Tues 2 x 5, Thurs 5/3/2, Fri 2 x 5
Week 2: Mon 2 x 5, Tues 6 singles, Thurs 1 x 10 or 2 x 5, Fri 2 x 5
Week 3: Mon/Thurs PP doubles & Litvinovs, Tues/Fri 1 arm KB work

I try to keep RPE ~ 7-8 on 2 x 5 days, and no more than 9 on 5/3/2 and singles days. I've been able to make progress while staying fresh, but with kids in school and sports, 3 days a week will probably be the norm for the rest of the year.
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