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Wow! Thank you so much for this. I am very grateful for sharing your expertise and knowledge.

Is there any kind of psychological hang up on any of those lifts, i.e. you have missed 500 in the deadlift like 100 times, or you hate the bench press, or anything like that?
I'd say my hang ups are on the pressing movements more than the DL and squat. I just don't bench that often, and my presses are always grinds. I seem to be weakest at the bottom of the movement; lockouts don't seem to be a problem if I can get the bar off my chest/shoulders.

Also, are those PRs you mentioned recent? Did you have to bleed to make them?
They are fairly recent. Bench PR is most distant. Squats have felt easier, DL was a moderate grind, press was a real grind.

On the maintenance days - if I do 3 X 3 or 5 X 5, would you recommend sets across or ascending sets?

Also the 'other crap you like' shouldn't include long met cons or excessive aerobic activity. It should include core work and perhaps some prehab stuff, but nothing that's going to beat you up. All the energy should be saved for the big lifts. It may even be unilateral leg stuff, but not too much
As far as accessory work: I'll probably take DJ's approach and make sure I'm doing a push, pull, squat, hinge, carry, and TGU each session. I'll try to keep things lighter and focus on the main lifts. Would a complex or sled work on maintenance days be acceptable?

Thanks again. I'm excited to give this a go!
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