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Default Protein limit due to hepatitis A?

Following a recent blood-test it seems I have a couple of highly elevated liver enzymes, e.g. my ALT reading was well into the 400's. The Dr suspects I caught Hep A when on honeymoon to the far-east, but it's going to be up to a week before I know if that's the case. (Good old NHS).

Before long I will probably continue training without pushing too hard as I don't feel too bad unless I'm told I've got some more serious problem.

I have been eating 1.5g protein / lb LBM to support my training, I wondered if there is any requirement to reduce this whilst I recover to reduce the demands on my liver?

If anyone with similar experience, or ideally some kind of medical background knows I'd be grateful for some advice. If I ask my Dr. I suspect I'll be told to eat some NHS generic guideline of 80g / day or whatever it is currently.

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