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Didn't realize I even had this log still here, started IF again style.

Start Date: Monday 8/22/2011.
BW = 187
Bodyfat = ~12%
Eating hours = Between 1200-2000
Goal = Lean gain mode until November 2011
Food quality ='s Army food in A-stan....not much I can do about that but volume of food isn't a problem.

Supplements currently taking:
6 capsules NOW foods Ultra Omega-3 - daily
Scivation Xtend BCAA's - before fasted workouts
vitamin D3 - daily
NOW foods digestive enzymes - daily
5g creatine - daily

No good idea where all my 1RM's are at the moment, currently following the I, Bodybuilder workout plan just for a change of pace. Did 2 weeks of the phase 1 and just finished 2 weeks of phase 2.
Lifting 5x week
Running 2x week - vary in intensity
Pullups, Lunge, Pushups - adding 1 every day currently on day 11
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-Kelly Starrett
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