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Troy Kerr
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When I re-test my max holds and other numbers I will post it. That should make it easier to break down. I am still working on developing my strict muscle up. I am making progress with false grip pullups, I can def. pull a lot higher now that a few months ago. Something that really helped was strengthening up my inner elbow with ring curls in a 3x5. So as that gets better I hope to wrap up the strict muscle up soon. With my front lever training I feel the thing that helps the most is negatives. I switched to doing 1/2 lay negatives as opposed to full front lever negatives, I can def. control the 1/2's better. But with other concentric movements its hard to gauge what helps the most. Probably SA fl pulls. I feel as though FL rows or the "ice-cream maker" isn't nearly as productive. So I guess what I'm getting at is should I add any bent-arm pulling work to my program? right now i have statics, negatives which I do once a week, FL pulls, and false grip pullups, which dont really feel to taxing. I am only training them because I was told a slow muscle should be developed. However I dont execute very much vertical pulling. What are the drawbacks to this? I would love to start incorporating IC negatives, or Cross pulls with a band. I can hold an RTO support for 40 seconds. I havent tried Ring HS in awhile. I understand the need to prep the biceps tendon. But if scaled properly, can one still reap the benefits? If not are there any vertical pulling movements that I should start including?
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